Machine Learning [In Nutshell]

Machine Learning is the word we all see in movies recently, they show some cool stuffs robots fighting, cloning human beings but when we dig deep all there is nothing but data’s and algorithms those where not cool as we see in Avengers and IronMan. Sorry to break your spirit but the beauty is mathematics and formulas that is the magic spell off Machine Learning.

Whats is Machine Learning

Let the machine to classify the data and make decisions or analysis the data that human cant process it the rate we cant imagine. In nutshell let machine think. So how a dumb machine that knows 0 & 1 to think like a human? secret sauce is Algorithms aka, Mathematical formulas so you may guessed mathematics gives yes/no or right/wrong, so that’s the way machine take decisions in a rate that humans cant do it.

Mathematics: The Beautiful Language of the Universe

Classification of Machine Learning

We have problems like with big data, so how can organize the problems and solutions. We classify into two as below,

  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning

Supervised Learning

We deal with the problem that we know the final result or at least the probability of the result but we cant process a huge amount of data that will take ages to process by humans. Scenarios we deal with as below,

  • Formatted Data
  • Probability of result is already known
  • Analysis of data
  • Solve known problems
  • Example:Stock market

Unsupervised Learning

We have pica bytes of data and its from different sources that we cant humanly possible to organize it and process it those problems deals as Unsupervised Learning.

  • Let machine organize the data
  • Data is complicated so its hard to find results
  • Solve unknown problems
  • Discovering problems and solutions
  • Example:Astronomy
  • Soon weill write about data processing, Stay tuned.


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