A journey towards Artificial Intelligence – Introduction

AI is next big thing in computing AKA Transcendence and some says it may end of humanity AKA Terminator, As i getting deep enough it fascinate me and here is few things i like to share, based on udacity course

AI is called as Intelligent Agent, so what is Intelligent Agent?

Consider Intelligent agent as a terminator, that can
1. Able to get data about the environment through sensors, Is person is enemy?
2. Make decisions based on sensor data i.e, Actuators , Kill him ?

This process happen in cycle called Perception-Action Cycle

Intelligent Agent

Application of AI in real world:

  1. Finance – Take decision to buy or sell a stock based on rates & Big data for past market statics.
  2. Gaming – Based on your move the game will be played against you.
  3. Robotics – Any type of robot.
  4. Medicine – Personal diagnostic agent, prefer medicine based on vital signs
  5. Web – Search engines

Next will write about AI terminology


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